Jumpstart your career journey in the commercial real estate field with The Howard Hughes Corporation.

At Howard Hughes, we live by our purpose to help people discover new ways of experiencing life - because it’s not just buildings and places that matter,
it’s what you do with them that can change the way people live. We believe in fostering a culture that is built to last by cultivating curiosity and empowering every employee to find their story in this great organization. Whether you’re a high school student looking for scholarship opportunities or you’re
​​​​​​​a full-time college student looking to intern with The Howard Hughes Corporation, we offer a program for you!

The Howard Hughes Corporation Community Scholarship will award a renewable $5,000 scholarship to a high school senior, high school graduate, or current college undergraduate living in eligible areas of New York, Maryland, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, or Hawaii. Applicants must plan on full-time undergraduate study; the scholarship is renewable for up to three years.

An organization that trains urban youth with financial and
investment literacy within the real estate industry across 20 markets in the United States. This semester, Project Destined accepted 500 undergraduate students who were enrolled in a
​​​​​​​10-week training course in real estate finance, property management, and personal development. In 2021, we began the partnership with Project Destined as their first partner based in the Houston area. Through this partnership, HHC sponsors ten undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds specifically trained in real estate investments and management.
Spend time learning what it's like to work in the fast-paced, entrepreneurial, team-oriented environment at The Howard Hughes Corporation.

8-10 week rotational program begins in June of each year and is based in The Woodlands, Texas with opportunities in other regions. It's designed to help students gain early exposure to the real estate industry including Capital Markets, Financial Modeling, Development & Pro Forma Analysis, and Construction. This opportunity is perfect ​for students interested in a real estate career and to learn the commercial real estate industry from the ground up and interact with top real estate executives.


1. How long does the Summer Associate program run?
     The Summer Associate Program is a 10-week rotational internship program beginning June 5th, 2023 - August 11th, 2023.

2. Where is the Summer Associate Program based?
     The Woodlands, Texas.

3. How can I apply?
     2023 Applications are currently not posted, *except for Accounting. We post our summer internship opportunities starting in December 2022.
     The selection process runs through spring.
4. When will I know if I have been selected as a Summer Associate?
     The timeline varies; however, candidates are selected in the spring, the selection process is outlined below:

  •  December through March: Applications open.
  •  April: Summer Associate Program board reviews applications and selects candidates.
  •  May: Summer Associate offers extended to the incoming class.
  •  June: Summer Associate Program starts.